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All-in-One Household Recycling System


Adaptable Modular Design


Individual Recycling Bins


Transport Car

¿Qué es Smart Ecobin?


Smart Ecobin: The Perfect Place for Every Recyclable

Smart Ecobin is a recyclable waste storage and transport system, designed to integrate seamlessly into conventional kitchens. Its six modular bins are tailored to different types of waste, from plastic, cartons, cans, paper, and glass to compostable and special waste,  making waste sorting and efficient management a breeze.



Bins System Adaptable to Various Types of Waste.

The modular bins system easily adapts to the recycling needs of each household, allowing for the sorting of the 6 most common types of household waste. This system not only improves efficiency in home waste management but also encourages greater user participation in sustainable practices.

Fits Conventional Kitchens

smart ecobin recycling bin_edi_system
With a tailored solution for each type of recyclable waste, Smart Ecobin makes recycling easy and efficient.

Bins with Foldable Handles

Independent handles make it easy to individually transport the most common recyclables.

Automatic Airtight Lids

smart ecobin_hermetico recycling bin
The lids keep your kitchen odor-free and feature a touchless opening system for ease of use.
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Recycling Has Never Been Easier!

Tecnología para el reciclaje


Maximize Your Space and Minimize Your Impact

Recyclable Packaging Compactor

Utilizing simultaneous heat and pressure, it reduces the size of plastic bottles, cans, and cartons, permanently shrinking them by 99%. This reduction translates to fewer trips to the recycling point.

The compactor is designed for user-friendliness, transforming bulky waste into manageable blocks. Just like the rest of the system, it seamlessly integrates into Smart Ecobin's modular design, maintaining harmony in your kitchen.

Paper and Cardboard Shredder

The high-capacity helical blade system reduces the volume of paper and cardboard, making storage and recycling more convenient.


Furthermore, the system ensures the protection of your privacy by shredding documents containing personal data, a crucial aspect of waste management

Dual Rail System

Smart Ecobin seamlessly integrates into kitchen furniture thanks to a rail system that allows you to easily move the bins in and out of the cabinet. It functions as an additional drawer.

The shredder and compactor feature independent rails, enabling you to slide them for convenient removal of the bins when transporting waste to the recycling collection point.

Extendable Transport Cart

The innovative patented transport cart seamlessly integrates into the system's structure without taking up additional space in the kitchen. It can be easily extracted, allowing for effortless simultaneous transportation of multiple bins.

  • Telescopic structure: It includes a one-of-a-kind framework that can be extended or contracted as required. This flexibility enables the transportation of as few as two bins up to the complete set of six, accommodating the amount of waste generated and the specific needs of each household.

  • Ease of mobility: Equipped with sturdy wheels and an ergonomic telescopic handle, the cart ensures smooth and effortless movement of the bins from inside the house to the recycling point.

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